The Council

“Elkhorn Public School Advisory Council (SAC), in partnership with the school community, is dedicated to providing the best learning environment, enabling all students to reach their full potential.”

Reasons to attend:

  • Social: Participating in our SAC meetings offers a great opportunity to meet new people.  (Such as other parents, teachers and administrators!)
  • Constructive: The sense of accomplishment from the initiation of projects to their completion and the positive impact it has on our children is worthwhile and rewarding. Our committees make good things happen.
  • Educational: It provides great information sharing around issues in education. Learn about: curriculum, staffing, operations and policies.
  • Charitable: Every year the SAC looks for ways to reach out to those less fortunate. Whether it is in the donation of goods or funds, social responsibility is something we are trying to instil in our children.
  • Political: The SAC contributes to community issues and has a role in advocating for changes in public education.
  • Supportive: The SAC is representative of our parent community and has a role in hearing their concerns and assisting or advising them on solutions and available resources.

Elkhorn’s SAC is a fantastic way to get tapped into the school community. Being an active member opens the door to countless opportunities and enrichment for our children.  The SAC is always hoping that more parents will share their ideas and their time to ensure our great programs and commitments are successful.

* Please note you do NOT have to be on the executive to attend parent council meetings. As long as you have a child registered at Elkhorn you are welcome at any time and your voice always counts!