Elkhorn Playscape Replacement

The project at Elkhorn PS was initiated by the Principal in December 2016. Through consultation with the school, the Terms of Reference were developed and approved in April 2017.

As part of the process, a representative from the TDSB Sustainability Office met with the Principal and a couple of parents and staff to review the details outlined in the Terms of Reference. From there, the school was responsible for submitting the first three milestones. This step was completed July 2017. From there the project was queued for design.

At the end of October 2017, an update was sent to the Principal to inform her that we will be arranging for a topographic survey to be completed in the next few months in preparation of the Master Plan. The intention is to start the design meetings with the steering committee in the spring of 2018 (subject to staff availability).

As described in the background section of the Terms of Reference, the Senior Manager of Sustainability recommended that the Board provide funding to support the initial design of the project. This was approved. As such, we don’t need any school funds in a project account until the detailed design stage (step 14). In this case, the project account can be set up just before the detailed design stage OR if the school would like to accumulate fundraising in the account beforehand (I can see how this might be confusing given that it is step 1 in the Terms).

In terms of the timeline, based on where we are in the process, we are realistically looking at construction in 2019 at the earliest. However, there are a number of factors that can influence the timeline. Fundraising is the big one. All the funds to cover the first phase of construction have to be in hand before the project can be tendered. The timeline will become more clear as the design is developed and preliminary costs are known.

2018-05-19 Update

Elkhorn Master Plan – Meeting One Minutes

Elkhorn Master Plan Draft One

Elkhorn Master Plan draft one

2018-06-15 Update

Elkhorn Master Plan Meeting Two Minutes