Get Involved

The Elkhorn School Advisory Council needs your support!

The roles of Council Chair and Secretary are vacant.

Chair / Co-Chairs

The Chair/Co-Chairs The chair/co-chairs of the council are elected by the council members and must be a parent or parents who are not employed by the school board.

The chair/co-chairs are voting members who, in addition to performing the same duties as other council members, is responsible for the following:

  • arrange for meetings;
  • prepare agendas;
  • chair council meetings;
  • ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained;
  • facilitate the resolution of conflict;
  • participate as ex-officio members of all committees established by the school council;
  • communicate with the school principal on behalf of the council


The Secretary is an executive officer of the Council. The Secretary is a voting member who performs the
same duties as other Council members, in addition to performing duties which include

  • record the Council meeting minutes;
  • prepare and distribute meeting minutes prior to each council meeting;
  • provide an electronic copy of draft meeting minutes to the members of the Council in
    attendance at such meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the next upcoming Council meeting
    and receive any comments from members that were in attendance on such draft minutes;
  • file a copy of approved meeting minutes in the school office for examination by anyone without
  • maintain council website including the posting of meeting minutes, maintaining the calendar of
    events, etc.;
  • maintain SAC documents regarding by-laws, policies and procedures;
  • maintain current member listing with current contact information;

Thank you for supporting Elkhorn Public School!

Please contact the Principal or sign up here:



Volunteering at Elkhorn is a wonderful way to enrich the school life of your child, as well as, meet other Elkhorn School parents. All parents (guardians), both new and returning, are encouraged to get involved in the parent volunteer community.

Here are some ways you can help in your child’s classroom or school:

  • Reading with students who need extra help
  • Arts and crafts activities
  • School plays or concerts
  • Arranging material in the library
  • Coaching sports activities
  • Supervising children on field trips
  • Serving as a speaker on topics related to the classroom program
  • Serving as a skilled mentor to a student who needs extra support
  • Collecting community materials for a classroom project
  • Producing the school newsletter or handbook
  • Participate in meetings and activities of the School Council

Your time, no matter how much or how little, is appreciated.