Roles and Responsibilities

Executive Members:


The Chair (or Co-Chairs) is an executive officer of the Council and is elected by the Council members. The Chair must be a parent of a student enrolled at the school and also a person who is not employed by the TDSB. The Chair is a voting member who performs the same duties as other Council members, in addition to performing duties which include,

  • Arrange for meetings, Prepare agendas, Chair council meetings
  • Prepare annual calendar of events, coordinating timing and communication with school calendar, ensuring volunteers are assigned
  • Ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained
  • Facilitate the resolution of conflict
  • Participate as ex-officio members of all committees established by the school council
  • Communicate with the school principal on behalf of the council
  • Develop the annual budget with the council while planning for fundraising needs and goals


The Treasurer is an executive officer of the Council. The Treasurer is a voting member who performs the same duties as other Council members, in addition to performing duties which include,

  • Ensure that the Council funds are kept separate from personal funds;
  • Ensure that proper accounting records are maintained for all revenues and expenses;
  • Arrange for payment of the Council’s expenses and deposits of the Council revenues;
  • Monitor the status of the funds on a monthly basis by preparing and keeping current a cash flow report, reconciling the report with the bank statement and preparing budget reports;
  • Report the status of the funds to the Council members at each Council meeting;
  • Ensure that any investments of surplus funds not immediately required are under the name of the Council referencing the school and TDSB; controlled through the Council Treasurer;
  • Invest for no longer than one year;
  • Invest non-risk investments (Canada Savings Bond, term deposit, G.I.C.);
  • Act as signing authority on the Council’s bank account; and


The Secretary is an executive officer of the Council. The Secretary is a voting member who performs the same duties as other Council members, in addition to performing duties which include,

  • Record the Council meeting minutes; prepare and distribute meeting minutes prior to each council meeting;
  • Provide an electronic copy of draft meeting minutes to the members of the Council in attendance at such meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the next upcoming Council meeting and receive any comments from members that were in attendance on such draft minutes;
  • File a copy of approved meeting minutes in the school office for examination by anyone without charge;
  • Maintain council website including the posting of meeting minutes;
  • Maintaining the calendar of events;
  • Maintain SAC documents regarding by-laws, policies and procedures; and
  • Maintain current member listing with current contact information.

General Members

  • Participate in at least 1 school council committee or event
  • Contribute to the discussions of the school council, vote on council affairs
  • Solicit the views of other parents and members of the community to share with the school council
  • Attend and contribute regularly at all school council meetings
  • Act as a link between the school council and the community
  • Participate in information and training
  • Fulfill their duties
  • Follow the operating rules/guidelines as agreed upon by the council including the guidelines for resolving differences of opinion
  • Encourage others within the school community to participate in the activities of the council
  • Communicate with various communities in the school and work towards removing any barriers to the participation of all members of the school community.

Category Leads:

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Enters names and availability of parent volunteers into database;
  • Advertises at local high schools to collect names of potential student volunteers (who gain credit for community service) and
  • Connects event coordinators with volunteers as needed.

Communications Lead

  • Manages website, e-blasts, social media and School Council newsletter submissions
  • Frequent computer access required
  • This role can be shared

Pizza Lunch Lead and Coordinators

  • Pizza lunch coordinators are responsible for the administration and execution of pizza lunch;
  • Facilitate the distribution of pizza, drinks and chips to the students on the day; and
  • assist with clean up and returning crates and bags.

Fundraising Lead

  • The Fundraising Chair organizes fundraising activities,
  • Coordinates and implements a fundraising plan that is decided upon by School Council by the end of October; and
  • Funds raised in this role are key to student enrichment activities at Elkhorn.

Fun Fair Lead

The Fun Fair is a great opportunity to raise a lot of money for the school and your kids will think you are super fun being the Fun Fair Parent. Working off the existing event template while adding your own special touches, the Fun Fair Chair is responsible for the following:

  • setting a budget (with history to work from);
  • booking bouncy castles and other attractions;
  • seeking donations from community businesses to cover the cost of attraction rentals;
  • working with a team of Elkhorn parents who assist with permits/insurance, volunteer recruitment/management, fun foods, and marketing in and out of the school; and
  • being the lead on event day.

Eco Lead

  • Work closely with the school administration, teachers, and student green team to implement “green” initiatives (i.e. litter audits, litter-less lunch and no-idling campaigns);
  • Assemble and coordinate activities, identify potential grant opportunities, develop content for the monthly school newsletter; and
  • help school to develop Eco-school binder and be present for audits.

Grant Writing Lead

  • Writing proposals for any applicable Grants our Council would like to apply for throughout the school year.