Pizza Lunch Volunteer Guide

Thank you for your help, without which this would not be possible!


  • There may be some spots available in the school parking lot
  • Additional parking is also available on Morewood Crescent (behind the school)


  • Please sign-in in the school council kitchen next to the gym
  • Collect a name tag
  • Check to see which classroom you have been assigned to (there will be a list)
  • Each class has a basket, pre-packed with gloves, drinks, snack, plates and napkins (you can help deliver these by placing them outside the proper classroom door)
  • When the pizza arrives, please wait outside the kitchen while the orders are divided up for each class (it gets very crowded!)…but listen for your teachers name
  • Please take the pizza and class order list to your assigned classroom and wait outside the door until the lunch bell rings


  • If there are 2 parents supervising, you can share these tasks (If you are alone, you can ask the children to help)
  • Distribute the drinks and snack to the children who have ordered pizza lunch
  • Please ensure that you are wearing the gloves as you serve the pizza


  • If you are short pizza, drinks or snacks, ask a lunchtime supervisor to watch the class while you get extras from the kitchen. If you are short a plate you can improvise with the pizza box.
  • If a child says they have ordered, but their order is not on the list, ask the student to check for their lunch in the lunch bin first. If they DO NOT have a lunch with them, you would give them a slice of pizza and mark it on the order sheet to be checked on later.
  • Once you have served the pizza you are required to stay in the classroom with the children until about 12:10 when the lunchtime supervisors are ready to take the children outside. If you are unsure stand in the doorway and check with other volunteers near you.
  • You may allow the children to leave the room to use the bathroom (IN GIRL/BOY PAIRS) or to get a drink of water.
  • Any spare drinks/ snacks/ plates/ napkins/ and pizza will be left in the kitchen for emergencies. Please return any extra pizza slices to the kitchen.


  • All children should have cleared their desk, recycling what they can, before they can leave to go outside
  • If a child spills chips or juice on the floor please ensure that it has been cleaned up
  • Before you leave please check that the room has been left as tidy as possible, leaving the recycle box just outside the door and return the pizza basket to the kitchen
  • Please don’t forget to sign out as you leave