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    FUN FAIR 2019 Logo Contest

    Calling all students at Elkhorn Public School

    Elkhorn Students,

    The Fun Fair Committee is asking you to create a Logo for the Elkhorn 2019 Fun Fair. Think of with your Fun Fair vision and experiences, and use your imagination and artistic skills! The logo should contain the words “Fun Fair” and “Elkhorn”. Artwork should be on paper no larger than 8.5” x 11”.

    The Fun Fair Committee will choose one winning logo from all the submissions. The artist of the winning logo will receive a free wristband to enjoy the Fun Fair on Thursday June 6, 2019, and his/ her name will be announced in the Elkhorn Express.

    DEADLINE for logo submission is:  Tuesday April 2, 2019

    Please submit your logos to the SAC mailbox in the school office.

    Contact admin@elkhornschoolcouncil.ca with any questions.