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    Traffic Safety in Bayview Village – It starts with you




    Traffic Safety in Bayview Village

    Please slow down and protect the pedestrians and children. 

    What we can and need to do about traffic safety!

    1. Refresh yourself with the information that has already been posted in the media about this.
    2. Set the example and slow down, obey the speed limits. Maybe this will set the pace and slow down other vehicles behind you too.
    3. Watch for pedestrians and children crossing any street.
    4. You need to show your children the right way to cross the streets and what to look for to do it safely.
    5. Please do not park your vehicle in a no parking area around the schools to drop your children off. Get other parents and vehicle moving too. This create a block and hazard putting everyone at risk.
    6. If you would like a “Slow down sign” the link is here  City of Toronto – Slow Down Signs
    7. You need to contact our City Councillor Shelly Carroll at Councillor Shelley Carroll, and ask for her support and action.
    8. Please contact our School Trustee, James Li, at School Trustee – James Li and make your concerns known and ask for his support and action.
    9. Call and report driving complaints to the police with their on-line reporting site site Toronto Police – driving complaint.  For each of the above state you want to hear back from them with their plan and results.
    10. If you feel the current signs/paint are obstructed or placed incorrectly, etc. then let the above know, and also report it to 311Toronto  311-toronto-at-your-service.
    11. Shelley Carroll is hosting a Road Safety Town Hall on September 28 in our neighbourhood. Attend to hear what is being proposed and how it might affect our area.
    12. Mayor John Tory has been on the news claiming the transportation in Toronto is good. Let him know what is happening in our area, with examples, at  Office-of-the-mayor
    13. Contact the Bayview Village Association at bva@bayviewvillage.org to see what else you can do, letting them know the results of voicing your concerns.

    United we are stronger and your elected officials will notice and hear our voices Let your neighbours know and get them involved too.

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    Elkhorn’s SAC Election/Meeting Mon Oct 7 at 6:00pm

    Elkhorn Parents,

    The CUPE labour negotiations have reached a tentative agreement.  As such, all TDSB schools will be open to students and staff on Monday, October 7, 2019.

    We would like to inform you that Elkhorn’s School Advisory Council election and meeting will proceed as scheduled on Monday, October, 7 in the staff room at 6:00pm. We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

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    Elkhorn Playscape – we are almost there

    With your help now,
    Our kids can enjoy the Playscape by Fall 2019!

     Click here for Instructions to make Donation online

    Dear Parents of Elkhorn:

    Well, we’re almost there! 😊

    We need just $7,500 more of donations to help procure and then build the new Playscape.

    The total cost will be over $75,000 with the TDSB equally splitting the cost with the parents of Elkhorn.

    The TDSB told us that if we can raise the money by the beginning of May, then TDSB will work to

    get the playscape built by this Fall.

    TDSB will only begin construction once they’ve obtained our share of the funding. The TDSB would b

    e looking to start construction in or around June/July 2019.

    As treasurer of the SAC, I’m appealing to you to first;
    Make a pledge using a cheque payable to the Toronto District School Board  (at the bottom of the cheque put “Elkhorn Playscape”) ;
    Place in an envelope and submit to the Elkhorn School Office;
    Provide your details to the office so we can provide you with a tax receipt.

    The pledges can be in the following amounts:
    Any amount __________
    Bronze Level Supporter – $250 to $499 donation
    Silver Level Supporter – $500 to $999 donation
    Gold Level Supporter – $1000 to $2499 donation
    Platinum Level Supporter – Over $2500 donation

    All donations over $25 are eligible for official tax receipts for income tax.

    If you donate $100 or more, there will be recognition on a temporary school wall display. If you donate $1000 or more, there will be a permanent plaque on the Playscape seatwall with your or families name on it for all to see.

    Warm Regards,
    Michael Hurwich, Treasurer Elkhorn SAC

    If you have any questions, please contact us at admin@ElkhornSchoolCouncil.ca

    Click here for Instructions to make Donation online

  • AfterSchoolPrograms

    Chess Program Announcement

    **Pre-registration now closed**

    **Email notification will be sent out to parents during the week of March 4. If your child(ren) have received a spot, instructions for payment will be provided**

    Attention! The registration process has been updated!Image result for chess kids

    The Spring Session (March 2019) is coming up!  If you wish to register your child/children for the spring session of ”Chess with Mr. S” after school program, please sign up on the preregistration form below or link here: **Registration now closed**

    The preregistration will run until March 1, 2019.  There will be no payment required at this point.

    Please provide the below information if you would like to preregister for the Spring program:

    • Student name(s)
    • Parent name
    • Contact information

    Once your child(ren) have been confirmed a spot, we will contact you directly during the week of March 4th to provide instructions on how to to complete the registration and submit payment for the Chess Program.

    We will continue to monitor the demand for the program and review different options for future sessions; Such as, adding extra room/day or using lottery.  *The scholarship spots are available.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natalya at 416-460-7586 or nselinkan@yahoo.com

    Please note, this after school program is only available to current Elkhorn P.S. students.


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    We Need your Input!Elkhorn School Statement of Needs

    Dear Elkhorn Parents, 

    We need your input to complete the annual School Statement of Needs.

    What is the School Statement of Needs:
    Every fall, all school councils give their superintendent a summary of their school/community’s priorities in the event the school will be having a change in principal. As your school council, we are asking all parents to give us feedback regarding what you think the priorities for our school are.

    What We Need From You (Elkhorn Parents):
    Please email your comments to chair@elkhornschoolcouncil.ca by Thursday November 22, 2018 so we can incorporate your thoughts into the School Statement of Needs.

    Yes! I would like to provide Feedback

    We will also be at the school on Wednesday November 21, 2018 between 4pm to 5pm if you would like to discuss anything in person.

    More information about the School Statement of Needs can be found on the TDSB website: http://www.torontopiac.com/uploads/3/4/8/1/34816230/piac_sson_parent_guild.pdf

    A copy of the School Statement of Needs form can be obtained here: http://www.torontopiac.com/uploads/3/4/8/1/34816230/sson_form.pdf

    We appreciate your time in responding to this request and value your feedback.


    Shadi Lessan and Melody Nguyen
    Elkhorn School Advisory Council Co-chairs

    Visit us at https://www.elkhornschoolcouncil.ca/main/