Traffic Safety in Bayview Village – It starts with you



Traffic Safety in Bayview Village

Please slow down and protect the pedestrians and children. 

What we can and need to do about traffic safety!

  1. Refresh yourself with the information that has already been posted in the media about this.
  2. Set the example and slow down, obey the speed limits. Maybe this will set the pace and slow down other vehicles behind you too.
  3. Watch for pedestrians and children crossing any street.
  4. You need to show your children the right way to cross the streets and what to look for to do it safely.
  5. Please do not park your vehicle in a no parking area around the schools to drop your children off. Get other parents and vehicle moving too. This create a block and hazard putting everyone at risk.
  6. If you would like a “Slow down sign” the link is here  City of Toronto – Slow Down Signs
  7. You need to contact our City Councillor Shelly Carroll at Councillor Shelley Carroll, and ask for her support and action.
  8. Please contact our School Trustee, James Li, at School Trustee – James Li and make your concerns known and ask for his support and action.
  9. Call and report driving complaints to the police with their on-line reporting site site Toronto Police – driving complaint.  For each of the above state you want to hear back from them with their plan and results.
  10. If you feel the current signs/paint are obstructed or placed incorrectly, etc. then let the above know, and also report it to 311Toronto  311-toronto-at-your-service.
  11. Shelley Carroll is hosting a Road Safety Town Hall on September 28 in our neighbourhood. Attend to hear what is being proposed and how it might affect our area.
  12. Mayor John Tory has been on the news claiming the transportation in Toronto is good. Let him know what is happening in our area, with examples, at  Office-of-the-mayor
  13. Contact the Bayview Village Association at to see what else you can do, letting them know the results of voicing your concerns.

United we are stronger and your elected officials will notice and hear our voices Let your neighbours know and get them involved too.