2018-19 School Advisory Council Positions are available!

2018-19 School Advisory Council Positions are available!

The Elkhorn SAC is still seeking nominations for the 2018-19 positions of Chair, Secretary and Parent Members.

The purpose of Elkhorn Public School Advisory Council is, through the active participation of parents, to improve pupil achievement and to enhance the accountability of the education system to parents.


The Chair or Co-Chairs (at any given time, there can be up to two Co-Chairs, and if there are two Co-Chairs then any reference in these by-laws to “Chair” will be interpreted to mean either Co- Chair) of the Council is an executive officer of the Council and is elected by the Council members. The Chair must be a parent of a student enrolled at the school and also a person who is not employed by the TDSB. The Chair is a voting member who performs the same duties as other Council members, in addition to performing duties which include,

  • make arrangements for meetings;
  • prepare meeting agendas;
  • chair the Council meetings;
  • ensure that minutes of the Council meetings are recorded and maintained;
  • facilitate the resolution of conflict;
  • participate as ex-officio members of all committees established by the Council;
  • communicate with the school principal on behalf of the Council;
  • act as signing authority on the Council bank account; and
  • attend the Council meetings

There are currently no nominees for the position of Chair.



As per The Elkhorn School Advisory Council ByLaws, the Council may be composed of up to ten (10) voting Parent Members.

A person is qualified to be a voting parent member of the Council if they are a parent or guardian of a child enrolled at the school.  Parent members are voting members of the Council who:

  • may participate on any committees established by the Council and contribute to the discussions of the Council.
  • are required to observe the Council’s code of ethics and Council By-laws when participating in the Council

A maximum of ten (10) voting Parent Members are required to fulfill the Parent Members positions as outlined in the Council Bylaws.


The Secretary is an executive officer of the Council. The Secretary is a voting member who performs the same duties as other Council members, in addition to performing duties which include,

  • record of the Council meeting minutes;
  • prepare and provide an electronic copy of draft meeting minutes to the members of the Council in attendance at such meeting at least seven (7) days prior to the upcoming Council meeting
  • receive any comments from members that were in attendance on such draft minutes
  • distribute and post meeting minutes 7 days after approval at Council the council meeting
  • file a copy of approved meeting minutes in the school office for examination by anyone without charge
  • maintain council website including the posting of meeting minutes, maintaining the calendar of events, etc.
  • maintain SAC documents regarding by-laws, policies and procedures
  • maintain current member listing with current contact information


Please contact the Principal if you are interested in becoming a voting member of the School Council.